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Most popular business credit scores are out there the other thing I wanted to talk to you about Action Plumbing as well is that the reason it makes sense to get your credit reports there’s a lot of stuff on them that you might not think is on there you know for example one of the newest things we started to see with GNB reports is they start putting a Google Maps image of your business online report why that matters because if you’re using a home address it’s time to freaky you owe your business credit report you see a big old picture of your house on your commercial credit report so you need to know that because if you’re applying for a loan and you’re applying for a million-dollar load and that Bank sees your house as your business you know just think about what that means from the actual rendition or lender standpoint so again these are the type of reasons you want to pull these reports.

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Just so you can see what these lenders are credit issuers your city so these are the main scores of the reporting agencies we didn’t go over two scores a lot today but I will tell you that they’re primarily based on payment history as long as you pay your bills on time or early you’re typically going to get good scores you can get positive score and as little as days with all three reporting wiki agencies so here’s how it works you know whatever facts experient you need you don’t need anything recording to get a score but you only need one calculate is agreed to get a good score do you begin III report me to get a good score the reason I don’t get any kind of score the reason why I tell you sixty to ninety days some accounts reward every month monopolize your marketplace is the vendor that reports monthly clil is over it is accredited shorter vendor that reports every corner ninety days so someone will report monthly some report quarterly which is why I always say that they stick up the sixty to ninety days to get a good score.

The reality is if you build business credit the right probably start to see accounts report under credit for a month days but some of them will take days because they all report clearly and paying bills as agreed as I mentioned is what will net you a positive score Equifax and DMVs paydex score and Equifax credit risk or are completely based on pay ministry you paid your bills early you get a good score experience score is based on a number of different factors.